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The Moo Review

“Well, there's nothing for it, life's got to be lived.” Antonia's Line

West Chester
I'm MB or Moo to family and friends. I'm a wife and an at home mom of three kids. I have a good life with a great family and very good friends. I'm in two book clubs and volunteer lots of my time at the elementary school that my kids attend. I love to listen to music on my iPod or my cell phone and take walks with my friends and ice skate with my daughter. I have two brothers and one sister and a great mom. My dad died a few years back from lung cancer. DON'T SMOKE!

I graduated from Cabrini College (continuing ed) in 1992, passed the CPA exam in 1993 and then promptly had a child and stopped working. Not sure if I want to go back into accounting. I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Maybe an astronaut... or a volcanologist!